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SIP Trunking

If anything that comes closest to a traditional phone line, it is none other than Session Initiation Protocol or simply SIP Trunking. SIP trunk is a process through which a virtual connection engages directly with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or simple analog telephone, to establish voice communication. The advantage is that it replaces your high cost telephone networks with low cost internet connection.

SIP phone act as a mediator between massive numbers of telephone users sharing audio/video communication. It is a particular protocol through which Voice over IP (VOIP) services are achieved. The VoIP and PBX (Private Branch exchange) works smoothly with the engagement of SIP gateway that delivers a communication session between two end points. Telefone media provides such a powerful functionality to the existing or new phone system, helping the clients to reduce the total cost of phone and internet in a competitive plan for data and voice. As the lines can be easily removed or added depending on the business requirement, SIP Trunks allows your business to create even more accessible solution for the growing network.

How SIP Works

SIP gateway requires any normal IP network to work with VoIP and Unified Communication (UC) services. A VoIP based, SIP trunk user can connect to any ordinary analog telephone with a PBX host working in the background.

The 3 requirements of the SIP network are

  • Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Resellers or any VoIP service provider
  • SIP Provider: An entity or organization that provides the SIP services or SIP terminations.
  • Phone: A basic phone equipped with the trunk dialing panel to establish SIP connection.
  • Gateway: A gateway can act as a border between your business and external PSTN or analog phone. Commonly referred to as SWITCH or a firewall, it is managed by the SIP provider.

With the following necessary steps the SIP network goes fully functional and provides a massive traffic to your business.

Advantages of SIP Trunking

Small business enterprises are finally competing against the leading ones with the help of SIP trunking. As it makes a smaller business systematically follow the roadmap of larger enterprise and appear like them over SIP trunk. Similarly, the large enterprises can maintain their local presence. This serves both ways as a medium to attract a gigantic and continuous flow of traffic for any business. But this is just the start, the real advantages of equipping your business with SIP are as follows:

  • Flexible: SIPs flexibility allows users to operate as many phone lines as per their needs, without worrying about paying for lines that remain unused. SIP provider has the ability to modify SIP channel as per your requirements through web servers.
  • Installation: Installing a PSTN analog and its maintenance costs are higher and frequent. With SIP trunk there is no need to worry about either installation or its maintenance. Furthermore, there is no need to introduce new hardware for extra phone lines as any extra line can be added to the SIP phone.
  • Weather: While analog phones can be disturbed by overcast weather, SIP channel can help avoid such scenarios by effectively rerouting your traffic to different SIP networks, even in case of any disaster.
  • Portability: If you are changing your office or travelling somewhere, your SIP number travels with you as your number isn’t fixed to a definite location. Any internet connection can provide as a temporary link to your SIP network in case your primary network fails to connect.
SIP, the best way to grow your business
  • Cost-effective: SIP trunk is cost effective for business as there is no need to engage multiple phone lines and hardware for multiple numbers. Each number can be accessed through the same channel or a single IP network to provide a smooth transition of audio and video data.
  • Scalability: The most advantageous element of SIP is that it is scalable. You can ask the SIP provider to tailor it according to your needs. It can drastically rise without hindering your ongoing business or incur huge cost. Similarly, it quickly modifies and shrinks if you are working on a small scale or your business no longer requires it.
  • Connection: It is important to note that all connections that SIP provides are virtual and hence requires no maintenance at all. Further, during a service outage, which is a frequent happening with analog phones, SIP provider reroute all your networks automatically to a temporary IP point and gives you an uninterrupted calling experience.
  • One-channel: SIP combines audio, video and data into a single channel and transfer them through internet services. With all your data concentrated into one place it is easy to save a lot of money by shutting down unnecessary cost on several unused lines.

A SIP proxy can also be engaged for PBX, incoming and outgoing calls with the technical support operated by Telefone Media to cut down additional costs and unnecessary burden.

Get started with SIP

Telefone Media provides you with all the necessary tools to start or expand your business with a SIP network. Complete telecom solutions are tailored and catered in one place.

  • SIP Account: Contact Telefone media and describe your needs and business requirements. A SIP account specially tailored for you will be created with your specified instructions.
  • Terminations: Describe your end locations and Telefone Media will add those SIP terminations to your account. The process is quick and hassle free. Once done it is maintenance free.

That’s it. You can start your business with these easy steps and increase traffic and communication with Telefone Media.

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